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This package is for those who have been inspired to start something new.Whether it is a business or blog
We offer everything you need to start off right. This package includes everything from design to coaching opportunities. Give yourself a head start with BrandLaunch!

Looking for Graphic Design?

We do that too!Whether you're interested in
ads, signs, posters, info-graphics and more, LightMind Designs is here for you!
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Does your brand need a makeover?Does your business lack branding at all?LightMind Designs is here for you!With Re/Brand, our team of artists and designers will use our expertise in psychology, color theory, aesthetics and voice to raise your brand to the next level.Bring your vision to life with Re/Brand by LightMind Designs.

Your website is the first thing customers will see.
Your logo is how they will recognize you.
Your color choice and voice determine how customers will feel when interacting with your brand.With BrandLaunch the LightMind Design team will help you to bring your desired vision to life.

What is a LOGO?

Why is it so important?

A logo is more than just a small symbol and your company name, it is the first relationship a customer has with your brand.They will see your logo and determine whether or not your brand is worth associating with.A logo must quickly and easily portray your desired brand image. It must appeal to your customer base and be easily recognizable.We can help you to have a logo that people will remember.

The Power of Branding

Branding is what truly brings your business to the next level.It is what converts people into customers and customers into fans.With our team's expertise in design, marketing, psychology and sales,LightMind Designs is here to give your business the look and feel of your dreams.

Web Design

Your brand's website is incredibly important for conversions.It is how you access the rest of the world and the global market.Your website is how customers know who you are, how to contact you, and how to buy from you.It is where you give the world a full view of what you offer.At LightMind Designs it is our mission to provide you with the best possible site so that your business can thrive.


Have you come up with a great idea and need help getting started?Have you already begun a new business and need help getting to that next level?BrandLaunch with LightMind Designs is here for you!We offer one-on-one goal organization and accountability coaching.The best way to move forward is to get your priorities in order and develop a plan of action.It's time to turn your dreams into a reality with a coaching plan tailored for you!


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